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Demand For Kashmir Handicrafts Up Post G20: LG

Courtesy: The Kashmir Observer

Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha expressed on Friday the 20th October 2023 that the surge in the tourism sector and the successful organization of the G20 meeting has resulted in an increased demand for handicraft and handloom products from Jammu and Kashmir. Sinha conveyed these statements while honoring the recipients of the Pashmina Exporters Manufacturers Association Awards on the same day. During his speech, the LG extended his congratulations to the awardees for their notable achievement. Additionally, he praised the Pashmina Exporters Manufacturers Association for its significant contribution in promoting Pashmina products. Sinha further emphasized the commitment of the UT Administration towards revitalizing the Pashmina industry.

Pashmina, an expression of our cultural heritage, plays a vital role in the economy of J & K and empowers numerous weavers and artisans. Due to its traditional expertise in producing top-notch Pashmina products, Kashmir is renowned as the Pashmina Capital of the world. The recent boom in the tourism sector and the successful conduct of the G20 Summit have further escalated the demand for handicraft and handloom products from J&K.

To ensure the growth of this sector, necessary support and assistance in terms of infrastructure, technology, capacity building, and finances are being extended to the artisans. Additionally, the center has granted a Geographical Indication (GI) tag to pashmina products, providing legal recognition that safeguards the authenticity of these items. This measure ensures that only products made in specific regions, such as Kashmir, can bear the name “pashmina,” discouraging the production of imitation products and counterfeits.

Efforts are also underway to conserve and enhance the population of Changthangi goats, which are the source of pashmina wool. These efforts encompass breeding programs, improved animal husbandry practices, and the creation of sustainable grazing areas for the goats.

It is worth mentioning that the government and other organizations actively engage in campaigns to raise awareness about genuine pashmina products. These promotions emphasize the cultural and economic significance of pashmina and stress the importance of purchasing authentic items.

The LG emphasizes that pashmina is not merely a textile but a symbol of Kashmiri culture and heritage.

The cultural significance of Jammu Kashmir is deeply ingrained in its societal fabric. It transcends mere economic implications and encompasses cultural, social, and environmental dimensions, thus becoming an invaluable and inseparable part of Jammu Kashmir’s identity and way of life.

The speaker emphasized the need for associations and stakeholders in the sector to connect eligible artisans with the PM Vishwakarma Scheme, which aims to uplift the lives of artisans and craftspeople engaged in 18 specific trades within the Union Territory.

Additionally, the J&K Administration will ensure an increased number of stalls and shops during exhibitions at Pragati Maidan, providing artisans with enhanced marketing opportunities and access to the global market.

Furthermore, artisans from the Union Territory were recognized for their exceptional skills and contributions, receiving appreciation certificates and cash rewards in categories such as Master and Young Artisans in Sojni Craft and Kani Shawl. Lastly, the esteemed Lifetime Achievement Award was posthumously conferred upon Gulam Hasan Shera.

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